4 Ways We Parent Better to Autism Than Our Parents

I’m excited our new YOU TUBE channel is UP! Zachary and I share more about our Autism Journey HERE. This week  I was quoted in an article in Healthy Way sharing about our parents parenting vs.our parenting (with au-mazing gifts. I told HealthyWay, “My parents’ manner of raising was always children should be seen and not heard … Growing…

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Keys to Recognize Autism Caregivers

November is National Caregivers Month. Its a time for all caregivers to be recognized and to recognize ourselves for all that contribute to the world. I am an autism mom and a daughter to a soon to be retired mom.  I’m taking time out this month to especially recognize autism moms and caretakers for the elderly.  Far too often…

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3 SIMPLE Steps to help your Autistic Child Communicate at Home

As a therapist and communication expert for over 20 years, it’s tempting to unleash a tidal wave of information on how you can help increase communication between you and your autistic child at home using not only words but sign language, picture cards and other helper tools or devices. For much more in-depth lessons in communication, please check out…

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