energetic. motivational. powerful.

 Ignite Your INNER FIRE
 Shift Your ENERGY make anything happen
 Make Power Moves to Take Action to Meet your Goals
 Identifying your Authentic You

I am an energetic speaker that connects with the audience in a unique way. My common denominator with my talks is for the listener to want to be better in life. I am a straight shooter that delivers the message clearly and concisely, with a smile. I love public speaking, connecting with others and seeing the passion ignite in the listeners; eyes. I am available to speak at Cooperate events, associations, organizations, churches and group events of all sizes.

Why do meeting planners love working with me?

From the first smile received as I walk through the door, to the way that I extend myself and connect with those around me, to being available to the planner and listeners. Its important to me to be authentic and easy to work within all cultural environments. You will have easy access to my bio and pictures. I am also willing to assist in the marketing of the event by using my social media platforms.

Powerful Speaking topics

Topics are customized to work into various time frames from keynote address, break out sessions, half day or full day workshops, panellist, etc...

You want your attendees to experience the following results

 Completion of goals
✓ Increased confidence
 Identify strengths
 Transference of strengths
Show up through self-doubt
 Increased positivity
 Shift their perspective
 Identify stress factors
 Dedication and willingness to work
 Work towards balance
 Express more gratitude